Wednesday Weekly 3: Gardening Tips

My best garden tip of all is to photograph your garden throughout the season, but fall is the perfect time to start if you haven’t already!  Whether it is a simple gallery of photos on your phone or a pinterest board that tracks changes throughout the growing season, photos are an easy way to add to your journal notes and remember what did and didn’t work. This camera lens for your phone will give you a wide angle that includes the entire garden bed! I have 3 other tips for you, read on!

The cool air has finally hit the northeast, and I must begin to chop my herbs and get them ready for the winter ahead. I’ve babied them along with watering over the dry weeks we’ve had, but wanted to share what to do with the last of summer herbs.

1. Of course, with my basil, I will make basic pesto. I plan to freeze these last batches immediately, so I do not add the cheese with the other ingredients. Unless, they are to be gifted, then I put the fresh pesto into glass jars for upcoming birthday and holiday gifts, label and freeze until needed.   

2. So the other herbs? Make herbed butter. Just add parsley and chives, or thyme and oregano or any other combination of herbs you have to real butter. I use my stand mixer for ease. Place herbed butter on plastic wrap, roll into logs, label and freeze for Thanksgiving turkey and Christmas dinner. It is such a treat to bring these flavors alive in winter.

3. Fall is the perfect time to divide Perennials, and plant spring blooming bulbs.  Move the divided perennials to new spots in your own yard or share with friends.  Hardy perennials are a garden investment that just keeps giving.