One Word for the Year

In 2015, I began making my New Year resolutions, NON-resolutions. Instead, I chose to focus on a single word.  Just one word that would guide me through the year. It was a word that would be with me, a word I would try to embody, meditate on and try to live it’s meaning. That word carried me through the year, it sunk deep into my soul, and encouraged me to live more fully.

I can’t say this was my idea.  I was inspired by a woman named Ali Edwards and her tradition of choosing a word each year.  

Find more about About One Little Word® HERE

Find more about About One Little Word® HERE


Living with a word can make us more present, more purposeful in our everyday trudge from day to day.  Like a ripple in water, this single word spreads its intention and has the power to touch and change our lives.

This year, consider choosing just one word, instead of a list of New year’s resolutions and join a community around the world that has decided to shape a year of their lives around a single word.  I am excited to be a part of a shared community of good hearts and open minds. A community of hope and goodwill and the belief that each individual can, and will, experience a year, personally, professionally, at home, and in our world, lived with purpose.

My previous years’ words were light and balance. And there are such amazing words to choose that I haven’t yet decided what my word will be for 2018. Such possibilities: grace, clarity, peace, give, enough, nurture, open, thrive, truth, connect, determination, brave, flow, present, reflect, bridge, respect, encourage, charged, dance, envision, cherish, the list is endless.  

Once I have chosen my word for the year, I take a few minutes to post it throughout my house in places where I will be reminded daily of my purpose and motto for the year.  I want and need to see that word, so that when the year gets frantic, or my family faces unforeseen obstacles, I can take the time to recenter myself and meditate on my larger purpose. If you want to make your word of the year a true piece of art, Artist  Lizzy Russinko creates beautiful, unique, inspiring pieces from the words of many. I even wear my word.  Seeing it makes me recommit to my intention.

What do you think you need more of? What do you want to focus on?

With so much peripheral discord, I choose that one word in order to live with more ethos in my days, and thru the year. I encourage you to do the same.

A wonderful 2018 to all.

Happy New Year.