How to Organize for Tax Time

If you are not organized for preparing your 2017 taxes, well, you are not alone. Is anyone ever really ready to file their taxes?  Even though it happens at the same time every year, tax time still sneaks up on me. The good news is, that with a few simple supplies, the first few weeks of April don’t have to be such a scramble.  

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Tool Post: It's Her Time

It is college graduation time at our house. A big deal and lots of excitement as our youngest leaves the nest. One of the practical gifts I gave my oldest daughter is (to this day), one of her most-loved gifts. She uses it regularly and the box itself reminds her of her college accomplishments. Temple Tuff!

I put together a basic tool box. A gift that reflects the common sense in me, gives a daughter self-sufficiency and also allows quick fixes of small household tasks. Even the DIY-challenged require basic tools for survival!  Yep, it’s not glamorous but it is utterly practical and totally necessary for moving out into the world.

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Greeting Cards- Not Just for Christmas Anymore!

It’s often a mad, mad rush to choose and mail the perfect card for Christmas wishes. If you do the family photo card, you know that just getting that photo can be a challenge.  And then, once you have the photo, there is a myriad of online choices that can print your card for you. (minted, shutterfly, snapfish, simply to impress, mixbook, etc) and don’t forget about the digital options. Sites like paperless post will send your personalized cards via email. But what if you didn’t have to do this anymore?

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