• Initial project questionnaire

  • Workbook

  • Explicit how-to’s

  • A resource guide for creating your own functional space

Don’t let the size of these tasks frighten you. I will teach you how to make it happen and keep it streamlined. I am so excited for you to break out from these barriers. YAY!!


$78 per class

Bundling options:
2 classes for $145 / 3 classes for $195


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Pantry Raid Class

If you feel so disorganized with your kitchen backstock, and know very well that you bought the now missing olive oil last week; which then makes you feel like you don’t know where to begin, this course is your answer to making peace in the pantry.



Linen Closet Declutter

With simple step-by-step solutions: like sorting and culling, careful coordination and planning, you will create a linen closet that makes home-keeping a breeze.



Garage Grunge

Is your garage a dumping ground? You’re not alone! With guided directions, learn how to plan your garage clean up, and revamp the grunge into an organized gateway to your home, and the envy of all the neighbors!



Toyroom / Playroom

Is the playroom a regular mess and the kids don’t know how to organize it? Learn best kiddie toy-keeping practices, the best way to organize, so you can instill the same practice and habits to the kids.



Living Room Rehab

Does your family room merge into another kind of dumping ground? This family room rehab will teach you how to keep order and put all the comforts in place. Cultivate the connection and community and create calm.



Mudroom Mayhem

When well-planned the mudroom makes for a simpler take-off and smooth re-entry to your home or apartment. With detailed instructions, ideas and resources, this class will help streamline the ETA’s and ETD’s. Mayhem no more.