Hello Today!

Welcome to my online world. I am excited you’ve stopped by, with my experience & ideas I know I can help you find some solutions that will keep you in control of your home and life.  Together, we can outsmart the frenetic and create simple change and efficiency in your home.  

Here’s a little more about me and my story:

Over the years, in addition to being a wife & mama, I’ve worked in all sorts of places (offices, retail shops, private homes, hospitals, real estate offices, the gym, from my own home, etc.) and in all sorts of roles (sales, secretary, office manager, personal assistant, unit clerk, funeral planner, branding specialist, gardener, organizer, florist, doula, graphic artist, shopper, shipper, holiday decorator and more). This span of experiences has taught me so much about a myriad of details, and welcome the chance to share all of that with you.

I’ve worked for an amazing array of people, tackled many unchartered assignments, figured out many things, and as a result, have become an invaluable resource. People ask me for recommendations or ideas or solutions for all sorts of problems; and it took years to get to this point- years of looking for ideas, trying products, refining solutions, and lots of mistakes. Lots. Of. Mistakes.

My experiences and the many lessons I’ve learned and mistakes I’ve made will give you the impetus to make smart, effective, positive changes in your home and life.

I have some clever solutions for the day to day to-do’s and unique ideas for you to manage your goals and objectives. We all have our own blind spots.

Let’s work together, I’ll help you overcome those weaknesses and develop some practical answers for you to jump those time-taker hurdles. My job is to be the catalyst and provide solutions to get it done.

There are some freebies on the site to make your life easier.  Be sure you try my Hello Today list, and my Yum Labels. Consider having a one-to-one coffee chat?  if you want to dig deeper to find your “mise en place”.  Let’s put order into your world.

So here is what makes me me:

I am a gardener and have worked in a full shade garden for 16 years.

I am a swimmer, have been since infancy- you know, the throw-the-baby-in-the-pool kind of start.

I love to read. Historical fiction is my favorite, young adult books too. I’m even fond of picking up the books my girlies read as little ones, only to enjoy the simplicity again as an adult.

I lived in Louisiana for almost 5 years. It was the best experience, and it changed my own friendliness baseline for good.

I collect heart rocks, and search for them on all outdoor ventures.

I cook, I love to read recipes and immerse myself in lessons from America’s Test Kitchen.  

I love decorating and moving and re-hanging pictures and changing it all up once in a while.

Gathering ideas and resources on Pinterest is an avocation.

Of course, I am dog happy.

And like you, there have been heavy hits of loss, sadness, crises, and trauma along with the magical, the unexpected, the peace and good fortune, the joy and laughter.

The bottom line for me is this:

In the day-to-day of this world, and in the midst of all your own mayhem, BE sure to keep the “be’s”:

BE true.
BE kind.
BE thankful.
BE content.