Invest in your WELL-th | Stay well, be well & love the ones you’re with

My usual Wednesday weekly 3’s,  has been interrupted with a critical Invest in your WELL-th entry. Hope you enjoy it and the new experts who share their ways to WELL-th.

February means so many things to me – love is in the air with so many Valentine reminders, but it’s also flu and cold season. Plus, it is cold and dry winter weather! We can show love for ourselves and those around us by remembering the important art of handwashing. I find that most people get the basics – use clean, running water and soap, but they rush on the scrubbing part! You and those you love are so worth the time. So, this February especially take the time and really, really slow down and really, really scrub your hands. I sing “Happy Birthday” to myself as fun way to be sure I’m really doing the 20 second scrub time.

Now your hands will be lovely and clean for all that Valentine hand holding, with the bonus that you are getting rid of germs! I feel like everyone’s been sick this winter – and the flu is no joke.  Show yourself some love and find a flu shot near you, if you haven’t already.  And, if you do get sick, stay home, please! Everyone will support your decision because you are showing that you love yourself enough to get some rest and not share the germs.

A great way to get through February looking and feeling great is to stay hydrated. Drink your water – keep a water bottle filled and on hand. (I totally just paused my writing to take a few sips!) You’ll be able to keep up your water drinking throughout the day with your trusty water bottle by your side. Also, humidifiers are moisture miracle makers this season, so if you don’t have one, treat yourself to that as a Valentine to you! I also like to have moisturizer tubes handy this time of year too. I like to use a moisturizer (SPF of 15 or higher) every morning on my face, neck, hands, and well, everywhere because it’s so dry out there! And then I keep tubes at my work desk and my backpack to reapply during the day. (I totally just paused to put on some hand moisturizer!).

Here’s to a wonderful February, full of gratitude for all the love we have and share!

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