Homemade Valentine's

For years, and years I’ve made my own Valentine’s Day cards. In my business, the Christmas holidays are a flurry, so I add my creativity to February by making my own love cards. It’s an opportunity for me to remind my friends and family how much I love them.

The handwork in creating a Valentine is an act of love. In this cold and often gray time of the year, I like to bring back the warmth and personal touch with a homemade valentine.  And who doesn’t love receiving a card through the USPS.  Sure a digital card is nice, but you can’t display it on the mantle or bulletin board and be reminded that somebody loves you every time you see it.  

Making Valentines can be a happy crafting time with the kiddies, a time to work your watercolors, paper crafting and exercise your creative ingenuity.

Some of the most effective notes are often the simplest ones, the ones that take just minutes to complete.

Click through below to see some of my favorites over the years: 

Inspiration can come from red Christmas decor, the wedding aisle in craft stores, even from the dollar store party aisle with red beads and party favors.  Look at everything with an eye to making it a part of your card crafting. Mailing red heart Christmas ornaments make for fun keepsakes. One year, I used alphabet stamps for the print work, along with finds from my nature hikes to create a you “rock” card.  Another year, we made Scandinavian woven hearts.

Outlining your toddler’s hand for a cut out to be glued on a doily is a pint-sized “hand” made idea. Glueing alphabet beads in “love” words works, too. Those old-fashioned doilies are still available! Even conversation hearts can be glued and sent with a handwritten note.

Cards with envelopes are ready to be colored by you or the kiddies. Use markers, colored pencils, paints, stickers, or glue and glitter to embellish and finish a premade card.

Just saying, “I love you” to family is important, and to that end, we began a Valentine scrapbook of sorts, so that cards and wishes from each year would be saved from one year to the next.

My scrapbooks are simplistic, but rewarding. I glue mementoes and date with the year. There is not any crafting beyond that. A couple of years ago I happened to find little red sketchbooks, and assigned one to each family member. Now, every Valentine’s Day the girls inscribe their wishes to each of us in our own book. We have some sweet and loving notes to read and remember throughout the year.

Happy (homemade) Valentine’s Day.