I love to eat, I love to cook, and I love to share what I cook.

The advent of cool weather changes my cooking style to more of the warm-the-heart-and-body kind of comfort food.

When Sundays roll around and the marketing is done, I usually wind up cooking more food than I need for the next meal. Luckily, the soups and chili and stews that I usually make in the fall freeze well and I love having them at the ready in my weeknight meal arsenal. Once frozen, they are also perfect to share with my daughters during their weekend visits or to send back with them for a little love and comfort when they can’t be home.  

I love having these containers of YUM, in the freezer ready for a super quick weeknight meal. They are also perfect for those moments when a friend or neighbor is in need of a ready meal.  All I have to do is grab a quart of homemade spaghetti sauce and deliver it with some pasta, a bagged salad, and a fresh baguette. In times of crisis (large or small) sometimes a simple, easy meal can make all the difference.  

My dilemma has always been how to mark these containers consistently.  Some labels were too small, others were larger but were too difficult to decipher when digging in the depths of my freezer.  After trying multiple solutions that just weren’t quite right, I created my YUMMY label.  These simple labels work for everything from leftovers to be eaten for lunch within a couple of days to splitting and freezing batches of chili that I intend to eat in December in January when I am too busy baking to cook dinner. And speaking of baking...these labels are also perfect for cookie dough, and nuts, and labeling for holiday food gifts.  

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I hope you enjoy these, here’s to the YUM in your life.