How it works


I provide you a sounding board and an objective view so together we create workable solutions and make clear decisions for you to accomplish the details.

Give me your big problem and together we will figure it out. Those all too overwhelming moments in our lives often creep up and your head is spinning with ‘what’s next?”




• Initial phone call
• Email with notes of call with resources
• Second phone call to check-in and keep you on track

Case studies of past 1-1 clients


Joannie was relieved to gain a clear sense of direction and focus on her immediate priorities. She is a student, a wife, a mama, a part-time employee and a homeowner. As I listened to her infinite list of must do’s, we coordinated a plan of attack for the vital must-do’s, complete with blocking this new schedule on her calendar. We set follow-up calls to check in and revise the list as necessary. And for me, with sneak peaks at her agenda, I was able to learn how she was faring and helped her with encouragement and focus.

Joannie was relieved to gain a clear sense of direction and focus on her immediate priorities.


Allison, a brand-new-bride with a busy career, needed to create a schedule that eliminated the chaos of her new life for two. She moved to a new apartment post-honeymoon, furnishing her new home and creating workable spaces in the new place while working through wedding gift returns, writing thank-you notes and ALSO with her immediate return to work. With bi-weekly check-ins I helped Allison streamline decisions and must-do’s.

I helped Allison streamline her decisions and must-do’s to relieve her of the busy pace so she could enjoy her new digs, plan meals with her spouse and find dedicated down time on the weekends.

1-1 Consult
Let's Work Together


Julie was overwhelmed with all the decisions she had to make for redesigning her family room and kitchen. This lack of focus and feeling scattered caused her to not know what to do first–which led to not making any decisions. Together we created the list of all the choices/decisions she had to make and then we created an overall color-story and style to build her dream space. Our weekly follow-ups allowed her to sound off about items no longer available and new options to consider and purchase. We regrouped at least weekly to tweak the plan and rearrange her priorities.

From stone colors around the fireplace, to flooring to kitchen cabinets and counters, I helped Julie create a plan for completing her unified dream space in her living room and kitchen. By working together, Julie was able to calmly prioritize and create a cohesive family space that is beautifully designed, with warm elegance and comfort for all who visit.