Let’s Calendar That! Planning for the New Year

I know we all may use our phone for date keeping but the power of a visual calendar and writing it down puts life in good order, and alerts family members to upcoming events, practices, birthdays. A physical calendar can be a shared method of organizing our days with everyone in the family.

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Tool Post: It's Her Time

It is college graduation time at our house. A big deal and lots of excitement as our youngest leaves the nest. One of the practical gifts I gave my oldest daughter is (to this day), one of her most-loved gifts. She uses it regularly and the box itself reminds her of her college accomplishments. Temple Tuff!

I put together a basic tool box. A gift that reflects the common sense in me, gives a daughter self-sufficiency and also allows quick fixes of small household tasks. Even the DIY-challenged require basic tools for survival!  Yep, it’s not glamorous but it is utterly practical and totally necessary for moving out into the world.

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