Treat Yourself: 3 simple tricks to improve your day-to-day

While the search for the perfect gift for your spouse or mother-in-law is complete & the holidays are now well-done, why not use January to treat yourself.  These are my practically perfect gifts for you. None of these items will break your budget and the rewards they bring to you in organization and ease of use will make them all the more valuable.  These are my personal sanity secrets, the “me gifts”.

1. Velvet Hangers- Ok, you’ve seen the colorful bars of them in Homegoods, and Joy Mangano is the clever inventress, but these hangers make all seem well with the world. If you’ve ever spent precious minutes looking for your favorite shirt, only to find it on the closet floor, you will be forever devoted to these hangers. Not only will your clothes stay on the hanger, you will gain more space because the hanger profile is smaller than others.  Instantly elevate the organization level in your closet by eliminating those mismatched hangers you’ve collected over the years.

2. A step-on footswitch- you ask,“ how is an extension cord a gift for me?” I know, I know, it doesn’t seem like much of a gift but after using this, there is no turning back, I swear. They used to be only sold in green and only at Christmas time (think Christmas tree lights, mantle lights, outdoor/indoor wreath lights or spotlight), using them year round makes for effortless on off for baby’s room night light, a hard to reach standing lamp or my husband’s office desk light. They are now available in white, which makes them almost invisible. BUY THIS- for the party lights strung around your deck, or a hands free switch in the garage or attic. HINT- there is a three pack available!

3. If hot coffee or tea is your drink of choice, you can’t go wrong with my favorite travel mug. The Timolino mug is a bit more expensive than other options out there. but it is well worth the price.  It keeps your coffee hot, for longer than just your morning commute. This buy will reduce your dry cleaning bills too, since it is leakproof. It has an easy sipping mouth, is comfortable for one-handed-carry and rests squarely in auto cup holders. With hot coffee on board for the ride, you will keep your energy high and winter spirits bright.