Junk Drawer Dilemma: Let's Fix it and Find the Junk

Oh my, every year my junk drawers, yes, that is plural, require a huge facelift, a clean-out, a rebuild. It seems to be a project I dread doing; with the holiday frenzy gone, I should be enjoying the quiet during January and tackling these dull must-do’s.

Some of my finds were treasures and some total mysteries. Best finds: Missing buttons, dead whoopie cushion, restaurant menus long since shuttered, lost keys, the missing prescription ointment, tv remote, bike helmet pads and an odd dog tag!

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Packing up: How to Undress Your House From the Holidays

Saying goodbye to the holiday season and packing up the festive decor is a slow process for me. I love the warmth of the fairy lights and almost dread how empty my house feels when the holiday decor is gone. It all seems to go so fast. It seems that the festivities accelerate with each year, more than I would like.  Every January, I make promises to myself that my holiday prep will begin much earlier the following year, so I can make the most of the month of December. The extended warm weather of 2016 fooled me, and I was digging and working in my garden much later than usual. Here are my tips for undressing the house from the holidays…

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Wednesday Weekly 3: Hurricane (& Life) Preparedness:

Having once lived in Louisiana,  I know hurricane season is a way of life.  With Harvey slamming into Texas, and Florida bracing for Irma, I am reminded how important it is to protect our family memories. Our stuff is just stuff, and yet it is a valuable chronicle of our family history. Wedding photos, scrapbooks, kiddie art, tattered baby blankets, well-worn teddy bears - these are the things that are worth preserving for future generations. 

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