Wednesday Weekly 3: Hurricane (& Life) Preparedness:

Having once lived in Louisiana,  I know hurricane season is a way of life.  With Harvey slamming into Texas, and Florida bracing for Irma, I am reminded how important it is to protect our family memories. Our stuff is just stuff, and yet it is a valuable chronicle of our family history. Wedding photos, scrapbooks, kiddie art, tattered baby blankets, well-worn teddy bears - these are the things that are worth preserving for future generations. 

These are my ways to preserve those family memories from life and life’s storms:

1. Storage totes:

Rubbermaid Roughneck Tote - This one! 18 Gallon is perfect for everything, it is stackable, durable, and manageable to lift even when filled with books. We are still using the same ones we had when we moved to Louisiana in 1997. And now with college-aged daughters moving frequently- these same totes pack the kitchen gear, bathroom supplies, and small electronics, and protect them well for the move. These are a bit hard to find in stores, however,  you can find them online and with a lifetime guarantee from Rubbermaid, they are well worth any shipping fees. Just stick to this size, it works.

For see thru storage that is inexpensive and stackable,  check out these Ikea samla totes. The lids do not clip shut, just rest on top but they are perfect for art supplies, stationary, toys, legos, and extra household supplies. Keep an eye out for sales on these at Ikea, about four times a year.  

Compared to the mainstream brand at Target & Walmart, both of these are great values.

2. Index cards and clear packing tape:

This is the easiest way to label and relabel totes for a new purpose.  Inexpensive, fast, and effective!! All you need is a roll of packing tape, some index cards, and...

3. Sharpie markers:

Paired with packing tape and index cards, Sharpies are an unbeatable labeling system. My hands and work blouses can attest to how much I love the classic Sharpie.  You could also try these retractable sharpies, but beware the possible ink spot in your pocket. Either way the proven staying power is worth the occasional ink stain.